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Beechcraft C-45 wreck & Brothel

During one hot June morning, back in 2016, we decided to go check out this airplane wreck we have seen when driving up and down HWY 95.

As we were exploring the plane wreck, a young guy, about maybe 18 years old, started walking towards us followed by three extra fluffy and dirty puppies from a property, where the plane wreck was on. He introduced himself, saying he grew up on the property and told us a very entertaining story how the plane got there.

The story has it:

The property was once owned by one of the oldest brothel mamas in the early 1900s, in the state of Nevada… At some point the property was sold in 1971 to Fran York, an investor, who changed the name to Fran’s Star Ranch. In 1978, Fran, wanted to gain an attention of more customers from close by shiny city of Las Vegas. And came up with a grant idea to run a promotion, a game in a way, where whoever parachute-jumps out of the plane and lands straight on a mattress that sat atop a large painted star located on the property, would win a full night with a lady of their choice!

What a great deal, right?… Well as you can guess from the airplane wreck photos now the contest didn’t really go as planned. You wonder why? …Well well, the pilot of the Beechcraft C-45 became distracted by the girls standing outside, clipped a pole on the landing strip and crash landed where the twin-engined aircraft wreck still sits today...

I was trying to come up with some moral story, but the story on its own is too entertaining to add anything else!

If you ever find your way driving up or down Hwy 95, keep your eyes open for the Beechcraft C-45 wreck and now closed Ange’s Ladies brother!

Happy dusty travels!



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