b | witched



Born in Czech Republic. Living in California.

Lucky to call San Francisco my home. 

I have always been drawn to art, having grown up with grandparents who both loved it. My grandpa, an owner of many amazing old school cameras, created his own dark room in our bathroom. It was a place I would sit trying to peek into through the hole in the door he had cut out for air. It seemed almost like a magical land I wasn't allowed to enter. 

As the years passed, my dreams of becoming professionally involved in my own art continued to grow. Moving to San Francisco is when I found the confidence needed to finally buy my first SLR. 


I finally started taking photos. 


It has been a wonderful and complex journey learning about digital photography on my own... but now I am excited to offer my photography services to others! 

As you can see from my work, I cover an extremely wide range of photography, though my true passion has always been working with models in abstract and unique environments.

Feel free to contact me for my rates and availability.